Jewellery is not only an item of clothing, it is a complement to the mood, a perfect way to express emotions,  also a form of expression to the world what delights us, inspires us and motivate us. Fashion jewellery such as perfume must match to our personality to express ourselves. That is why it is so important to make personalized jewellery, unique and unrepeatable.
To create so special, handmade jewellery is needed material with an uncommon character. Precious stones are an unique parts of silver jewellery with an extraordinary coloring and an almost magical aura. Wood can show creativity of jewellery’s author, it is very plastic material that can be molded into beautiful patterns and shapes. Dry flowers, grass, insects embedded in amber are a combination of delicacy of nature with strong and solid raw material as silver, gold or titanium.

Where do we search our inspirations? There is no one way to answer this question. The inspiration is everywhere: in nature, in society, in emotions, in technology, in one phrase: Life is the greatest inspiration for all us. There is only one rule: keep your eyes wide open, and you will definitely find something special and inspiring. If it comes, you will know. It is that unique feeling, which force you to create something new.

In our works, we mix various styles, ideas and materials. We derive from different cultures and historical eras. Inspiration for us is every side of the world.

What else is inspiration for our Polish designers? You will find the answer in our world of handmade jewellery online.