Martyna Tejwan is simply amazing. Everyone, who knows Martyna, says she is friendly, open minded and fascinated about other people. Her personality is visible in her jewellery. Every piece she creates is made of passion, caring of every single detail and with a strong belief that the jewellery is a mirror of our souls.

She was born in 1979. She lives and works in Warsaw, a capital of Poland. She has begun her career as a goldsmith in 2010 and she has been practising it successfully since then. She is a professional architect and she believes it reflects into her jewellery.

She loves simplicity and unprocessed materials. Her inspirations come from the nature, unequaled designs and architecture. She says that creating is  like carve in water …finding forms for thoughts. She is fascinated about fauna and flora and her little works of art are their reflections. She never stops seeking of new solutions, new projects, styles and she is always on the top of new trends in fashion.

Martyna is a social activist. She is also the winner of many awards and recognitions. She has received the rights to use a trademark “Polish handmade” in category “Goldsmith” as an expression of appreciation for aesthetic and high quality products she creates.