Piotr says about himself: The vision of creating jewellery has been with me since I can remember. Therefore a choice of goldsmith school where I taught traditional jewellery techniques was a natural first choice. Subsequent years were time of the improvement of the jewellery craft through collaboration with various jewelers’ workshops.

How does the creative process look like…?

Some ideas ripen long in my imagination. Others are born under the spur of the moment, inspired by emotions. The idea is materialized by transferring it to paper, where every detail is reflected. Then, with the use of traditional jewellery tools a piece of silver is given a form of earrings, bracelets, pendant….

For me, jewellery is a primarily way to express myself, to experiment with form and materials, and the joy of creating unique works for women who want to emphasize their personality.

“7 malin” is a small jewellery workshop both with artistic and modern as well as classic design. We create jewellery from silver, natural stones and Swarovski’s crystals. We create short, limited editions for the preservation of their uniqueness.