Dorota telling about her jewelry: Form is the essence of my jewelry. In the process of creation I pay special attention to it, taking care that it contains in itself a concrete sense of a character clearly individuating the woman who wears it.

As a result of a deep thought including utility, the final form is searching for a harmony in opposites, such as city-nature, sleep-waking. seemingly-true; This is an attempt to connect the impossible –  geometric, ordered structure with distortion, which is an accidental or sudden intrusion of the chaos. Usually in my jewelry symmetrical arrangement is a priority, and after the disorder of the structure, only unobtrusive, unpretentious trace stays.

It is also essential that my small workshop authorial is situated on the edge of the wild and magical grove, providing my imagination with multiple pictures showing the organic nature slightly, not in obvious way.

His intention is, among others to use natural materials, such as wood, usually ebony. However, the main component of my form is silver – gilded, oxidized or sterling, and later precious stones, which at this stage of my creative career are less important, such as color or texture.

Every piece of jewelry I have done is unique in the strict sense of the word, because it is not reproduced by me, but in the future I do not restrict myself from only creating a limited collection.