Coodoky is a so-called self-taught designer with a passion. Besides jewelry, he also designs contemporary furniture which mainly fulfill the role of the spatial aesthetic element. Space as a place is also his passion in which he can express his emotions and perceptions of the world.

Jewellery for him is a natural process of transition in creation from the maximum scale to the minimum scale. When asked why such materials, and why nature, he responds: “The process of creating jewelry from the resin using natural plants, has something of the old days when after taking a picture using the old film, you had to go to the darkroom and eagerly wait for the final result. Here also, the control ends when you close the form and we can only wait for the final.”

Although, he says that he is a self-taught, but he definitely is a perfectionist. Each smallest part of his jewelry is made with the highest precision and dedication. As he says: “No jewelry that has not been precisely finished, will ever leave my studio”, jewelry having, not only form but also a soul.