Form is the essence of my jewelry. In the process of creation I pay special attention to it....
Dorota Koczot - Form For Form
My inspirations come from the nature, unequaled designs and architecture. Creating is  like carve in water ......
Martyna Tejwan - Made by Tejwan
Jewellery is a natural process of transition in creation from the maximum scale to the minimum scale...
Jewelry is something that has to do with emotion. That aspect of jewelry really interests me....
Ania Stepska - Mitsu
The jewellery is a primarily way of expressing myself, the possibility of experimentation with forms and materials....
Piotr Pakos - 7malin

In our store, nothing comes en masse. Every element, even the smallest one is the work done with great precision and deep feeling. Here you can meet our artists who right for you design personal jewellery which makes you shine every day. They are extraordinary people with a rich interior and original worldview. If you know them, you know also the idea of their fashion jewellery. Read their biographies, see their works in our gallery and in any detail you will see their effort and artistry.

These stories will intrigue you and will reveal some secrets how they find an inspiration in their work. Wearing those unique pieces of handmade jewellery – elegant necklaces, fragile bracelets, rings with unusual shapes you will feel special. Authors through their work may hand over their strength, positive attitude to life and warmth to other people which they emanate.

They are like a storytellers who put the piece of their soul into every single creation. Through the jewellery they are telling about power, strength, curiosity, sadness, happiness, joy, courage and about every emotion which is part of human life. Into the designs they put the feelings, stories and a little sparkle of magic, because they want to create special and unique tales for you which are enchanted in the jewellery.

Do you believe that the jewellery can have a soul? If you do not – please remember that each of these ‘little things’ have their own story that make it extraordinary.