We are not an ordinary store. We’re not just a shop. Our mission is to promote the insanely talented and creative Polish jewellery designers.

You will not find in our offer anything what has not been created with designer’s own hands. Every detail and every little part of the jewellery we sell is made with love and passion for making beautiful, unique and sometimes extravagant things.

In the flood of serially produced jewellery we want to offer uniqueness, originality and timelessness.

We are a group of people who love jewellery as much as our designers do. We have different professions. We are make-up artists, stylists, trendsetters but also accountants. What unites us is the love of beautiful things. We comb on forums for hours as well as, fashion magazines. We visit exhibitions and fairs to find those designers whose jewellery we would like to offer our customers.

We are vegan and we believe that every creature in this world deserves a decent life without fear, humiliation and pain. That’s why we support local shelters and pro-animal organizations.

You can find four “collections” in our offer:

Classic Collection – This collection is what in our eyes is timelessness. In this collection we place the jewellery, which in its technique and used materials refers to the classical forms. It does not mean that we close it in the framework of immutability. Quite the contrary. We believe that the old is new and new refers to the best traditions.

Exclusive Collection – This collection is a work of unique, small masterpieces, created with materials that ensure uniqueness. Single, labor-intensive models, are at a premium, even without gold. This is the place where designer’s spontaneity and imagination get together, closed in the form of a ring, a necklace or bracelet.

Romantic Collection – the main motto of the romantic collection are transience, impermanence but also love. This collection is a merger of plants and human worlds, worlds of oceans and lands. Worlds that are so close and yet so far. It is fine jewellery collection, fascinated by femininity and sensuality expressed in jewellery.

Casual Collection – This is the most practical of all collections. Its main goal is to satisfy the need to have a nice jewellery in everyday herded world. This collection expresses itself by the peculiar lightness and lack of pretension. It is guided by the idea: my jewellery is that what I think today, and how I feel today. Do not think about tomorrow, do not think about what happened yesterday. Be here and now. Be casual.